Plaster and Brick Restoration

We took the newer sheet rock walls off to expose the original plaster from the 1910s.  I love the distressed look.  It will be polished and sealed to preserve it.  If you’ve ever been in Pat’s office, I’m hoping it will look similar to his walls.

There was water damage in the plaster on the western wall.  A lot of the plaster simply crumbled off to expose the brick underneath.  However, Once the plaster is cleaned up, I think the brick peaking through will add a lot of character.

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About Wade Smith

The Counts Bros. building on 2nd Avenue North in Birmingham, AL is a historic building built around 1917. El Barrio, an upscale Latin restaurant occupies the first floor. I've converted the upstairs into my loft, as well as self-storage units to serve the downtown loft dwellers and businesses.
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